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1983. Gay Scene: The Pavilion Club, Shardlow — 7 Comments

  1. I believe my friend, Martin Fox, was involved in the Pavillion Club. Sadly he recently died and I am trying to let all know who would wish to celebrate his life.

    • Knew Martin since I was in my late teens. Kind, generous, caring, witty, a real gentleman. Am very sad to learn he’s left us. RIP Martin thanks for the laughs

  2. I have just seen your comment on The Pavillion Club Shardlow. We knew Martin Fox. He had a beard when we knew him. Our friends John & John did a lot for the club. Sadly both of them has now passed away. I have been with my partner Graham 43 years. When I was with my first partner we use to go to the Green Lane House pub on Sunday nights to watch the drag shows. We are sorry to hear Martin has now passed away. There also use to be another friend of all of us and his name was John Goodhead and he did drag at Shardlow.

  3. Happy days. I discovered the Pavilion in 1973. There were such great characters around at that time. John Goodhead, otherwise known as Lilac, was a great friend and we shared a house for many years. He was otherwise known as Lilac, or when doing his drag act, Kim Barry. He sadly died in 2009. Sorry to hear that Martin Fox has died. A lovely man.

  4. John Goodhead was a personal friend of mine, formerly of King St, Derby which he shared with George Scuffham. We met in 1981 through the ‘Handbag club’and became lifetime friends. I was with him not long before he passed away in hospital in Burton about 12 years ago. A most generous man I’d care to meet God bless you Lilac you were one of the best. His drag name was Kim Barry RIP. XXX

  5. The Pavilion Club came in to my head and I decided to see if there was a site. I have happy memories of visiting this club which was far superior to the brash clubs in existence at the time.

    Such a warm, relaxed atmosphere, it catered for the more mature, miss it,

  6. Ooooh the Pavilion! It was such a landmark in my life, my bestie, Fiona, and I called in one night to ask if they’d let trannies like us attend, and we were welcomed with open arms, literally! One year, 1979 or 80, I won the drag competition, much to the regular’s chagrin, and I still have the lovely ‘Miss Pavilion’ sash hanging on my wardrobe at home.

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