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HIV/AIDS: 1987, BBC Documentary ‘Remember Terry’ — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve just rewatched the documentary again for the first time in a while.
    As a gay man myself who has nursed guys with HIV/AIDS, I never cease to be moved by Terry’s fabulously upbeat Outlook.
    He seemed like quite a guy and a lost to those who knew and loved him.
    I just wish I was lucky e ough to have been one of them.
    Fly high and proud Terry ❤️

  2. Since learning finding the documentary on Terry, I’ve watched it more than a dozen times.
    Each time I watch it, I never cease to be further taken with Terry and his outlook on life.
    His mother, Lil is also one very special lady.

    As a gay guy in my mid forties who has previously worked in sexual health and nursed so many men with HIV/AIDS, this docu never ceases to make me remember the fabulous men I have had the privilege of meeting and caring for.
    It also reminds me just how far we’ve come since the loss of Terry in terms of the treatment and care
    RIP Dear Terry and Lil ????

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