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Section 28: Inciting and exploiting homophobia — 3 Comments

  1. really interesting article! I’m just wondering where you got these articles from? I can’t find them anywhere and would love to use them in my dissertation on homophobia and HIV/AIDS in the 1980’s

    • Google Sue Sanders and Gillian Spraggs Section 28 for their comprehensive analysis of Section 28’s passage through Parliament. My other sources are bits and pieces drawn from all over the place: nasty cartoons drawn from the Express, articles from Lesbian and Gay Socialist, material produced by Trades Unionists Against Section 28 and sundry other pieces. (And there are some references in my book!)

  2. Chumbawamba (yes, the “Tubthumping” one-hit-wonders, who started out their career as an anarchist punk band) released a cracker of an anti-Clause 28 single when it was being voted on, although the lyrics call it Clause 29 because events were moving too fast for them. “I saw the truth, the truth behind the emperor’s new clause….” https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HQUMS3Ny4L8

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