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1984. Lou Sheldon and the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) — 3 Comments

  1. I remember him best for his comment about ‘avant-garde artists are demanding our tax dollars to proselytise their aberrant lifestyles’ in the Mapplethorpe/Serrano/Finley/Hughes NEA controversy about 30 years back.

    On a more positive note though…

    Sheldon was the main villain in the Project10 imbroglio… but a much more affirming and constructive influence on the world (and especially queer youth) was the central heroine, Virginia Uribe, who left this world last year. RIP

  2. Even after less than two years, I still feel so ecstatic over the death of the founder of the Anaheim, CA-based Traditional Values Coalition – and strident homophobe – Rev. Louis P. Sheldon. GOOD RIDDANCE!

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