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HIV/AIDS: The desperate race to find treatments — 4 Comments

    • The sheer desperation of the situation drove people to consume all sorts of things as well as believe in a range of weird and wonderful ideas. It’s hard to imagine nowadays just how terrible the situation was. Colin

      • Dear Colin,

        I would like to sincerely thank you for everything you do to preserve a history of what it was like to live in the eighties. I have a Russian-speaking blog about LGBT-history, and this page has helped (and still helps) me a lot as a blogger and as a young Russian lesbian. I got to know a lot of new people and actions that shaped our lives through the years. gayinthe80s is a treasure, and I am glad I found this website some time ago.


        • Dear Mina,
          It’s comments like this that make me feel that my efforts are all worthwhile, so my sincerest thanks. I do feel that it’s very important that we remember our history (or, for those not old enough to have been there, to learn about it.) I’m particularly impressed to see that you’re doing a Russian language blog on LGBT history as I’m aware that things aren’t particularly good for LGBT+ people over there. So congratulations on your work; it’s importance cannot be over-stated.
          My very best wishes,

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