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The bigotry against bisexuals — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for this article – it’s an important one; and greetings from the U(for now!)K. I want to stress to your US readers that the VAST majority of the UK LGBT+ community has condemned the formation of the so-called LGB Alliance, and the UK Pride Organisers Network (UKPON) has issued a statement clearly expressing our view that the T belongs firmly with the L, G, and B. I am bisexual man, and Chair of Exeter Pride in the south west of the UK, also a Bi Role Model for Stonewall – the leading UK LGBT+ charity. I recognise a lot of the Bi-phobia your article recalls, but things have improved on the whole. That said, having faced suspicion and rejection from my own queer community at times, I am all the more determined to stand with our trans siblings. We have not fought together all these years to allow ourselves to become divided now! You’re right to point out that in Sylvia Rivera and Martha P Johnson two of our earliest activist leaders were (in today’s terms) trans – but let’s not also forget that a year on from the Stonewall uprising, the first Christopher Street Liberation March was organised by Brenda Howard – a bisexual woman. The L, G, B, T (and the “plus”!) belong together. No one is free until ALL are free. In solidarity, Simon.

  2. “So it’s a bit sad that some bisexuals seem to have forgotten their own history”

    Erm, WTF did that come from? The B in ‘LGB Alliance’ stands for ‘bigot’, not ‘bisexual’ because every single UK bi organisation wants nothing to do with them. Given that there have always been a very significant number of trans people in the bi community, I’d expect nothing else.

    Most of the prominent lesbian TERFs also have a long history of biphobia (cough, Bindel, cough) and the so-called LGB Alliance cannot point to a single thing they’ve done for bi people.

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