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Pub: The Bell, Kings Cross, London — 19 Comments

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  2. No comments. That’s terrible. You forget the Eurythmics, who went down a storm, friday nights, at least. I was there a lot. I liked it, but didn’t fit in, so didn’t like it? I remember a lot of stuff going on there. Huge drinking sessions and I’ve just remembered, my last ever drink, 30 years ago last month. 10 to 2(a.m.), 15th April 89. Two pints of Tenants Extra and a double whisky. I was out the door and ten past two and was sofe hooked the next day, that I completely missed the Hillborough disaster, didn’t find out till Sunday, at a meeting. I saw the newspaper and freaked.

  3. This was the place to be women’s only night was amazing I saw Erausure there as just a band Beutiful people safe space raided s few times finger condoms being given out to women jimmy Somerville used to go there on there mixed night i danced with him a lot it was a great space for women’ there was not a lot of women only places I had the best time then they stopped women only night ..

  4. Film at the Scala – Jig at The Bell – Pool game at Traffic – last one at illegal drinking bar on Cally Rd basement – Troll home along the canal ……. Sleep – repeat the weekend away.
    All done on a shoe string, wake up in me squat home Monday.

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  6. The Bell is my spiritual home even to this day. Such great women only
    nights. I had my first date with a
    woman at The Bell.

  7. This was a fantastic alternative place to be outside of the gay mainstream music and lfashion of the 1980s. Inspired by Bowie Scourie Soux Morriset etc this was a haven for us freaks who didn’t look like therican gay clone look. I.e checked shirts and moustaches. It was quintessentially British full of characters many of whom went on to be famous in their own right in fashion, art film and music.

  8. Many happy memories of The Bell, as a young 21 year old Barman, I recall Steve, Jean on the Coatcheck and so many other faces who became part of the Bell family for my 2 years there. I remember so many of the customers, this was a whole new, exciting and somewhat enchanting world for a Northerner like myself who had never experienced such. From staff trips on the Tube to BANG and all the years in-between – great times!

  9. Took our LGBTQ Forum here tonight after visiting @queerbritain then remembered this was the pub where I first danced with a man in 1987 – to fabulous music with a brilliant eclectic collection of gorgeous queer misfits! Will never forget what this pub did for my gay life in London – Smiths,Eurythmics,The Cure,Bronski Beat,Communards,Blondie,Human League & much much more !! ???

  10. Happy memories of the mid 80’s squatting in Chamberlain House with a glorious bohemian crowd. Every week at the Batcave and The Bell with Chamerlain comrades. Diversity was alive and well in those places. Hallelujah!

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