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  1. Interesting article, thanks.
    One aspect of homophobic violence is the response of GLBT-community to the violence. After a current attack in the USA, the GLBT-community has been buying handguns to protect themselves.

    It would be interesting to know, if there were any larger self-defence campaign in the 80’s as a response to homophobic violence.

    • There were a number of organised responses. These were influenced by things like the types of resources available to our communities, the culture of our communities (for example, handguns have never been available in the UK or Australia) and also how people saw the problem (for example, the violence itself; police failure to respond to the violence or police complicity in that violence.) Thus we had gay vigilante groups set up in some places, police monitoring groups in others and ‘safe spaces’ established in others. I’ve looked at some of the initiatives in my book (see Book page) but it would be impossible to cover them all. I’ve also posted previously about a London initiative, the Gay London Police Monitoring Group, here:

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