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  1. I wasn’t involved with LGSM, being 18 at the time and not totally out, so when the print workers strike came about I saw a letter within the Labour Party about Lesbians and Gays Support the Printworkers (LGSP), so I went off to their weekly meeting at the London Lesbian and Gay Centre (opposite Farringdon station) and, like others, got involved in their campaign (around the summer of 1986) and not yet 20, would join their bucket collections outside Gay’s the Word on a Saturday afternoon and then in the evening would make my way to a guy called Roger and his flat close to Aldgate Gate where we’d meet and then make our way to Tower Hill tube for the Saturday night march down to Wapping. I was still a gentle shy flower at the time until one night when I let loose screaming “scabs” as the lorries would drive by us and some of the drivers giving the two-finger salute and for me being restrained.

    I made some good friends during that time (Roger, Geoff, Stephen from Australia, Cate(?) spring to mind).

    I still have a couple of the badges from the Wapping dispute and show in pride at my involvement.

    When the strike ended, it all felt so suddenly and everything about LGSP just kind of ended and it was such an empty feeling. The film ‘Pride’ however helped me bring back those Saturday’s at GtW and Wapping with a feeling of I tried my best and made me realise my TU LGBT political involvement, which I’m personally proud of.

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