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1984. Politics: Rugby Council decides to discriminate against LGBT people — 6 Comments

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  2. “Rugby council won’t employ homosexuals”
    The BUFVC (British Universities Film and Video Council) has an audio interview with George Collett, Leader of Rugby Council, plus response from CHE spokesperson Mike Foxwell and Sheila Smith of NALGO.

    The audio can be accessed if logging in via a BUFVC participating university – if people are interested in listening, perhaps contact the library of the university nearest you and ask if they can make it available


  3. I was active in the Kenilworth and Rugby Young socialists as youth Labour was known at the time. It’s a real defining moment, for me, also Miners strike time. We marched and sang scurrilous songs. Thanks to Chris Smith for his courage at our demo. It’s made me check my privilege every day, to love the LGBTQ+ community and support unionised workers. Peace and love all.

  4. I was a member of Rugby Labour Party Young Socialists and on the protest group set up to their credit the Labour Party Councillors who marched as well Also was a steward on the march and the 2nd march back the railway. station when the police waded in and arrested a number of the demonstators. The march and rally at the Benn Hall was 1000 people strong. Me and another members collected for the miners outside the hall. actually do think this protest helped the London protesters see a need to support yhe miners and we know from the Prdie Film this what they did so well. The Tories on the Council were forced back due to the key opposition of the Trade Unions within the council house firstly Nalgo but then the T and G who started to talk about industrial action. A crucial position.

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