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1983. Politics: LGBT Nazis raise their ugly heads — 2 Comments

  1. I was dealing with a guy named Russell in an unrelated matter and – funny how the mind works – my memory flashed back to the ONLY other Russell I ever knew. I used to buy dope from Russell Veh in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles in the mid 1970’s. When his name popped in my head I started to google stuff about him/gay nazis etc as a good friend of mine just came out (I’m straight) and I wondered if he “ever heard of gay nazis” . I remember him on the cover of “The Advocate” newspaper. I also remember our standard greeting(s) upon buying pot and percocets “So Ed (me) when are you getting out of the closet?” – I’d answer “When are you getting back in”?Anyway – blast from the past stuff. (I wonder if he’s alive??) -BTW -now clean and sober.

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