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1985/86. HIV/AIDS education on the cheap — 1 Comment

  1. It was still on a bit of a budget after then. 🙂 I remember popping over quite often to see Sue Loakes – we had met at LASS in Leicester.

    I was moderately useful with IT but was also happy to sit for hours stapling booklets or trimming flyers. I seem to remember making “happy bags” with condoms, lube and a leaflet. Think we even included a tissue – for the niceties afterwards.

    Weird, there was a lot of worry and anxiety in the community then – but also a pretty good feeling of camaraderie.

    I remember meeting some other people who were involved in running the group but sadly my memory for most names is pretty grim.

    Interesting times – and great to see it still being discussed 🙂

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