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1980. Police problems at UK’s Lesbian and Gay Pride — 5 Comments

  1. We were all charged – 12 of us in all, including not only the hat wearers – myself and Frank but also those who protested at our arrests – such as Terry Higgins (who THT was set up in memory of) . Except for I person who pleaded guilty and a few who agreed to be bound over , we were all acquitted! There were some surreal and wonderful courts scenes….as many of us arrived in fabulous costumes – much to the annoyance of the police , the magistrates, the court officials … some of the case drag-ged on (in more than one way !) over several months and had several hearings.

  2. oh and please correct the spelling of my name if you can – it is Hows rather than Howes
    thanks !
    thanks Colin some lovely memories !

    • Many thanks for the information Julian, much appreciated. And your surname has now been corrected as requested.

  3. A badge was then produced showing a meat clever inside a pink triangle. I recall wearing that badge. I think one is now on display at Gay’s the Word bookshop as part of Paud’s Pin collection.

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