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  2. Does the London Lesbian and Gay Center still exist? Where is it? I was there in 1985 and hope to visit again in August of this year.


    Denny Fuller

  3. I virtually lived at the the LLGC for a couple of years. It was home away from home and a safe space for many gay teenagers. We were a family to each other. Treasured memories and happy days

  4. So I’m just here at work in Sydney, and I hear a Kylie Minogue song that reminds me of the LLGC. I don’t know if I’m showing my age but I absolutely loved this please.

    The Tea Dances were the best!!

    So as the world revolves and everything is coming back into fashion from the 80’s the LLGC might be back one Gay oh sorry day!!

    • Thanks Christopher. It would be an interesting development to see a new LLGC, although that would very much be going against the trend given that so many queer venues are closing down.

  5. I was General Manager there until 1990. Opening pretty much the first “lesbian & Gay” (sic) gym had given a whole new group of people a reason to come and the place enjoyed its only period of profit. I’ve decided to write about how and why I was politely nudged out for refusing to implement the board of directors’ plans. I left a detailed report that accurately predicted the Centre’s demise- right down to the pathetic plea for help at UCL. I am glad I found this thread; that’s my next writing project in motion.

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