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1982. The Terrence Higgins Trust — 4 Comments

    • It started in a small office in Panther House, 38 Mount Pleasant. By 1985 an additional office space was also taken on to accommodate the work and the staff and volunteers. Panther House was an interesting building: it was a large building that provided office space for various small enterprises. We came in one morning to find that the police had smasshed down the door of one of the offices down the corridor from us – turned out they were making gay porn videos in there!

  1. Please know Terry’s family DID NOT reject him. He was from a large family on his mother’s side (Marjorie) my Aunt (my Mum’s) eldest sister from a family of 9!!! I have fond memories of him growing up ???
    The family were never told of his illness..
    Hard to believe it’s almost 40 years since he passed away ??

    • Thank you for this information Ann. I’m trying to amend the post as per your comments but would appreciate some clarification from yourself. If his family were never told about his illness, at what point did they find out? Was it after his death or did they get to see him before he died? (Alternatively, if you’d care to rewrite that section of the post I’d be happy add your words) Thanks. Colin

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