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1981. Film: Watch Out, There’s a Queer About! — 3 Comments

  1. This was followed by the production of ‘Framed Youth: Revenge of the Teenage Perverts’ a film sponsored by Channel 4 and the Greater London Arts Association. ‘Framed Youth’ is available on You Tube. It features Jimmy Somerville and Richard Coles among others.

  2. Does anyone remember the name of the director of ‘Watch Out’? I think the film had some connection with Brixton Faeries, from the presence of Julian Howes and Bill Thorneycroft as the Plod at the end [not Ron Grant as credited]. The director’s first name was Andy and I knew him in Oxford in the early 70s, but can’t remember his second name. He deserves credit.

    • It was Andy Lipman. He died in 1995 sadly. Journalist on City Limits and after television producer for channel 4

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