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1983. Miquel Brown: So Many Men, So Little Time. — 2 Comments

  1. Remembering Studio 54 Thanksgiving night and that Saturday night with Miquel Brown – one song at 2am…. the place was so crazy !!! ….Billy Amato

    • Hey Billy!
      You hired me that Saturday night at Studio 54 to dance on the elevated moving stage next to Miquel Brown while she sang her song. It had to be one of the most thrilling nights of my life. We became friends that night and you asked me to come back again to Studio 54 on New Year’s Eve to be one of the dancers in the cage (another night of sweet memories). You provided an awesome venue for the exhibitionist in me! Thanks for those opportunities. We kept in touch a bit into the mid-eighties, but grad school eventually won out to my stage desires. Hope that you are well. I’ll never forget the wild crowds and dancing in the lights of Studio 54, both on and off the stage. Keep the memories burning!

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