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Send in the Clones — 5 Comments

  1. Some gorgeous clones in 1980s Melbourne. A difficult time but one of the happier memories for me was seeing so many beautiful boys.

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  4. The clone is an interesting paradox. On one hand, it’s an homage to working class, straight masculinity — originating, almost indisputably, in gay porn. On the other, it’s a look that once standardized and stylized is unambiguously gay.

    I found the same paradox in the clones themselves. You’re right, there is an implicit militancy in a gay look. But in my experience, clones in the 80s, at least in London when I was there, tended to be less militant politically than the army of British gay men taking their fashion cues from James Dean and Morrisey and becoming a kind of clone in their own right.

    I could be over-generalizing since I’m just going on my own vast experience as a bar hound and slut, but I felt the 80s clones — as opposed to their 70s counterparts — tended toward a reductive view of gayness that lent itself more readily to commodification and the cheesy gay nationalism that came with it.

  5. I’m not sure if the clone has totally disappeared from the gay scene or simply merged into one of the other diverse ‘identities’ our community now has.

    Here in the States you see vestiges of The Clone, mostly in the remaining leather bars. Otherwise, there is little in the way of a commonplace gay look. Having pretty much won the culture war, and situated in an increasingly atomized society, younger gay men here seem far less tribal than their forefathers as well as less intent on proving they’re men.

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