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  1. Hi Colin:
    I wrote you last year about LGSM and the movie Pride, and I just visited your blog to see if there are developments around the renewed interest that period. I was so surprised to see this post as I’m in the midst of making a follow-up, centred on interviews with six of the subjects from Orientations 30 years later—it was actually released in 1984 but even I’d forgotten the date.



    • Hi Richard,

      Ha ha! I was expecting someone to come back and tell me the date was wrong! When I was preparing this post I found a whole range of release dates attributed to it – from 1982 to 1986. I decided to go for 85 since the info on your site says it includes material from Lesbian and Gay Pride Day 1984. But I also feel that the exact date is pretty much irrelevant – it’s the film and its topic that’s most important.

      In relation to LGSM there’s still lot of things happening as a result of the movie (including the campaign to get Sony/CBS to reinstate the LGSM banner on the US DVD cover of ‘Pride’). But much of this has been about responding to requests coming in as a result of the movie. However, there’s a planning meeting on 21st March where it’s hoped a long-term strategy will be developed and an organisational structure to support that. An important part of the deliberations will include how to connect with those who share LGSM’s values. I will post something about the outcome of this meeting after 21st March (I realise I said something similar a while back but it really is coming together this time!)

      Best Wishes


    • Richard

      I’ve just emailed you an invite to the LGSM Pride 2014 Facebook page, which has just gone up in the last couple of weeks. The website is due for launch around May.



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