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Annie Lennox as we usually know her

Annie Lennox as we usually know her

Gender-bending rules in this music video! Annie Lennox, best known for her short-haired, suited-up androgyny, goes all girly in this one.

But not to worry folks; careful observation will reveal that all is not what it seems! For starters, ‘womaniser’ Dave Stewart walks in with 80’s gender-bender Marilyn (a.k.a. Peter Robinson) on his arm. But he’s not the only one having all the fun: we should also be asking ‘who’s that bloke’ running around with Annie Lennox at the end of the clip?

Actually, that’s no bloke – it’s Elvis – or, to be more precise, Annie Lennox as Elvis. So, watch carefully as girlie Annie ends up snogging…blokey Annie!


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